Dads 'n Dragons

Ep.12: Rubblebelt Raiders

December 04, 2019 DadsnDragons Season 1 Episode 12
Dads 'n Dragons
Ep.12: Rubblebelt Raiders
Show Notes

The group runs into trouble as they try to sneak into Rogar's camp. We learn that Yarven's war hammer makes a *bonk* noise.

Some tips we learned in this episode:

  • NPC voices can be fun!
  • Feel like my descriptions of combat are getting better. Ask players to describe their actions too.
  • You can also ask Players to help define history or setting background. It makes the setting more personal to them.
  • When you are asking for player input, you also have to be prepared for the occasional answer like "Bonk"

Special Wrap up this episode with BJ (Zofvys)!

Magic the Gathering cards mentioned: 

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