Dads 'n Dragons

Ep.13: Rogar's Secret

December 12, 2019 DadsnDragons Season 1 Episode 13
Dads 'n Dragons
Ep.13: Rogar's Secret
Show Notes

Can our heroes survive the incursion into Rogar's camp? They've got one shot, because the challenge with Borborygmos is tomorrow!

Some tips we learned in this episode:

  • Really enjoyed the non-combat parts of this episode. There are still plenty of things to roll for out of combat, and getting to use skills is a great feature of the game. Take advantage!
  • Level up! Get to third level as fast as possible. In my opinion, it's much more fun from there. 
  • Use alternate types or rewards too, like renown among their peers. 

Magic the Gathering cards mentioned: 

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